January 6, 2023 Release: Default search grouping, updates to Slack cloud connector, and more!

Expected US Release: January 6, 2023

Expected International Release: January 13, 2023

Expected Federal Release: January 20, 2023


With this release, we’ve added a project-wide default search grouping, updates to Slack cloud connector and more — read on for more information about the features coming out this month! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.

Improvements in this release:

Visual updates in this release:

Default search grouping

Everlaw is introducing a project-wide default search grouping setting! This setting allows project admins to specify the initial grouping settings for all new searches created in the project. 

This setting will be enabled for new projects that are created following this release and will be set to group by attachments without grouped non-hits. This grouping will order documents in the results table according to their attachment family and will not pull in associated documents that do not meet the search criteria. If you are a Project admin, you can enable this setting on existing projects in the General tab of Project Settings: 


Project admins can toggle to enable or disable the setting, and can select the desired grouping settings from the drop-down menu. When enabled, the default search grouping will apply to the outer search container of all new searches created on the search page. It will not apply to already existing searches or other pages on the platform where the querybuilder is used, as in creating a new assignment group or creating a production protocol. All users can override the default search grouping for their current search by clicking “Search Settings” and selecting the desired grouping for that search. The default configuration of the project will be indicated in Search Settings:


The default search grouping may be copied to a new project by using a template to create a new project. All new projects created not using a template will have this setting enabled and set to group by attachments without grouped non-hits. 


Learn more about configuring the default search grouping in Project Settings

Updates to Slack uploads: collect attachments and more

File attachments are now included in Slack uploads - both for uploads through the cloud connector and for Slack exports. Images will be displayed inline and file attachments will be denoted where they appear with information about the file name, Slack URL, size, and file type. 


Attachments will be grouped with the chat document. To see attachments, click the file icon in the review window. 


If you have multiple workspaces in their Enterprise Grid organization, you can now choose which workspaces you would like to upload from. You can select workspaces after selecting Custodians and Date range in the upload wizard.


Learn more about uploading documents from Slack

Additional verification of telephone support requests

Everlaw is always making improvements to provide a secure support experience. When you call Everlaw Support and we determine that Everlaw Support needs access to your project to troubleshoot your request, we will now ask you to verify your request in the platform. This helps us confirm that you are the one making the request and that you have access to the project you are requesting help with. 

The support representative you’re speaking with will direct you to log in to the platform and open the help window by clicking the “?” icon in the toolbar. If you are having trouble logging in, the support representative will work with you to verify your request in a different way.


On the help window, we’ll ask you to click the “Verify Request” text in the bottom right corner. Once your request has been verified, you’ll see the text change to say “Request verified.” 


We will only ask you to help verify requests made over the phone. For requests submitted in other ways, we’re able to verify these requests on our own. As a reminder, you can also reach Everlaw Support through platform messages or by emailing support@everlaw.com

Improved document history filter in review window

With this release, we are introducing improvements to filtering document history within the review window (classic mode and full screen mode)! This design improvement will help you easily filter document history to display specific events related to a given document (e.g. when and who applied certain codes, annotations, binders, etc.).

To view and filter document history in classic mode, you can click the “document review history” icon in the toolbar then select/deselect the events to display. Learn more about the classic review window.


To view and filter document history in full screen mode, you can now click the “Filtered events” drop-down menu within the History tab then select/deselect the events to display. Learn more about customizing your panel layout in the full screen review window.


More Options renamed to Search Settings

The search dialog for configuring Deduplication, Sampling, Grouping, and removing search hits is now accessible via a link named “Search settings” instead of “More options.” This change impacts the Everlaw search page and all other search builders across Everlaw, making search settings easier to find and reference. 


You can learn more about configuring search settings on Everlaw. 

Update SFTP client recommendations

Everlaw is updating our SFTP documentation based on feedback from users about large downloads occasionally running into issues. There are no changes to the actual SFTP download functionality, and any download client that supports the SFTP protocol should function exactly as before. The appearance of the SFTP dialog on the platform has changed to no longer directly reference specific SFTP clients mentioned in the SFTP support article.


Improved coding presets menu

Everlaw is introducing improvements to the coding presets menu. Specifically when creating or editing a coding preset, this design improvement allows you to see a summary of labels (i.e. codes, ratings, binders, and/or notes) that will be added or removed from documents when the preset is applied. Learn more about coding presets.


Additional visual updates

This release also includes several small visual changes: 

  • The import codes button has been moved to the top of the Codes and Categories page.mceclip11.png
  • The appearance of the authentication-code digit boxes for login authentication codes has been updated.mceclip12.png
  • In Database metadata settings, new fields are now added to metadata groupings using the green plus icon. This replaced the previous method of adding fields.mceclip13.png
  • The error text displayed when your password has expired has been updated, and has been modified to ensure it fits within the log-in box at all screen resolutions.mceclip14.png
  • When selecting approved locations, the box displaying the list of selected countries has been updated. When no countries are selected, the list of selected countries will now read “No selected countries.” The large box of selected countries has been replaced with a box that dynamically sizes itself to fit the list of selected countries. Previously, this box would become highlighted in blue when clicked; this has been removed.
  • In Language Tools settings (found under the General tab of Project Settings), the selector drop-down for the Machine Translation option has been moved to the left, to be closer to the text “Machine Translation.” It was previously on the far-right side of this settings page.
  • The “Edit” button in all on-platform date pickers (e.g. the “Edit” button used to change the project time zone in project settings) has been changed to blue, and is no longer underlined.
  • The “Copy API Key” hover-text now displays at 100% opacity; it was previously displayed at 40% opacity (i.e. looked grayed-out).
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