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What is the Notifications tab?

The Notifications tab allows you to specify whether Message Center notifications for completed uploads and productions will be sent to users on your project, as well as set which users will receive the notifications. To access the Notifications tab, click on “Notifications” on the left-hand menu of the Case Settings page.


The left-hand section of the Notifications page allows you to create settings for upload notifications, while the right-hand section controls production notification settings. Toggling the slider under each section header turns upload or production notifications on or off for the entire project.


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How do I send notifications to users on my project?

You can add specific groups, individual users, or organizations to an upload or production notification recipients list. Users on this list will receive a notification in their Message Center each time an upload or production has completed. The body of the notification includes the document count, billable size, and error count of the upload, as well as an attached upload card.


Admins are included on the notification recipients lists by default. If a user originates an upload or production, that user will always receive a notification upon its completion, unless upload and production notifications have been turned off project-wide.

To add a group, organization, or individual to the notification recipients list, click the “Add recipients” box at the bottom of each section. This action will prompt a drop-down menu divided by user type, which will allow you to select whom to add to the recipients list.


Recipients can be deleted by clicking the trashcan icon to the right of their name.


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What is the time cutoff option?

By default, upload notification recipients will also receive a message in their Message Center any time a native upload is rerun or undergoes a file addition. By using the time cutoff option, you can state that you only wish to receive email notifications for reruns or additions that take longer than a specified number of minutes. If this option is exercised, upload notification recipients will only receive messages for reruns or additions that have not completed by the time the cutoff time has passed.



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