Principal Changes of the April 21, 2017 Release

Our second release of 2017 brings impactful improvements to a range of existing features and interfaces.

  • Grouped Persistent Highlights: You can now categorize persistent highlights and assign a universal color to all highlights in a particular category. This makes navigating through highlights much easier.  
  • Search Interface Improvements: Users can now hide search terms from view, and choose exactly which terms they want to see by default. Hidden terms are just one mouse click away. This can help declutter the search interface.
  • Redaction Stamping: Admins can create standard text stamps that users can apply to redactions during review. These stamps will be visible on the produced version of documents to indicate why a redaction was applied.
  • Children Count: Indication of the number of children documents in family groupings on the results table
  • Download History: Document downloads and exports tracked in user history
  • Performance Improvements: Faster batch tasks and other performance improvements
  • Loadfile Exports: Loadfile export contains all three loadfile types
  • Email Login

Grouped Persistent Highlights

You can now categorize persistent highlights. Categorized highlights will share the same color when rendered in the review window, and will be listed together in the hit highlighting panel. In general, conceptually related highlights should be grouped together as this will make it easier on your reviewers to navigate through, distinguish, and make sense of all the content hits that might appear in a document. For example, you can group all the relevant people in one category, entities in another, and relevant jargon in a third.


In the review window, you can navigate through highlights by group, or individual highlights.


Want to create some highlight groups? Read our help article.

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Search Interface Improvements

Our list of search terms has grown over the years. In order to simplify the interface, we are adding the ability to collapse categories of search terms. After careful analysis, we’ve identified the most used Document and Review search terms, which will appear by default above the fold. However, users can customize which terms are always visible through a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. If you want the original view of all the search terms, just drag all the terms above the fold.


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Redaction Stamping

As a case admin, you might want your reviewers to apply stamps to redactions in order to note why a redaction has been applied. You can now create case-specific redaction stamps that reviewers can add with the click of a mouse. Applied stamps will be overlaid on top of redactions in the review window. In addition, you can allow reviewers to apply custom stamps.


This feature is also integrated with productions: custom redaction stamps will be printed on top of redactions in produced documents, overriding any default text that might be specified in the production protocol.

To learn more, click here.

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Children Count

When scanning a grouped results table, you might want to know how many children documents are in a particular group. Prior to this release, you would need to expand the group and manually count the children. Now, the number of children is displayed next to the parent in a grouped table. If you are grouping by email thread, the count will not include attachments even though attachments are shown when grouping by thread.


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Document Download History

Document download history is now tracked at the individual user level, allowing admins to easily audit who performed exports out of a database, when the export occurred, and which documents were involved. Historic user activity can be viewed from the analytics page.


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Performance Improvements

We’ve heard your complaints about the relative slowness of our batch tasks (batch coding, adding docs to binders, etc). With the backend improvements included in this release, batch tasks will be 2-3x faster.

You can also expect faster loading when accessing the homepage, assignments page, and messaging when you have large dynamic assignments. PDF viewing speeds have also improved.

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Loadfile Exports

Prior to this release, only the .dat loadfile could be downloaded separately from the production. Now, the loadfile-only download will contain all three of the included loadfile types.

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Email Login

Have you ever had trouble logging in because you forgot your username? Well, worry no more, as you can now log in with either your email address or your username.

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