Creating Privilege Logs and Other Reports

For more information on productions in Everlaw, please see the help articles in our Productions section.

Privilege logs and other reports about produced and pre-produced documents can be created in Everlaw. 


Privilege Log

You can create privilege logs automatically within the production wizard. If you create any privilege placeholders within your production, you will see an option to create a privilege log. For step-by-step information about how to create privilege logs, read this article section on creating production protocols. 


Other Reports

If you would like to create general reports about your documents, you can use the export feature to create a csv report with codes, coding categories, or other fields you desire.


You can open this file in excel and look at the codes column to see which privilege codes, if any, were applied to the documents.


Mapping Export

You might want to simultaneously see information about both produced and pre-produced documents. This can also be accomplished through the export feature.

1. Run a search using the produced search term. You can pull back either the produced or pre-produced (“original”) documents. Click “Begin Review” to go to the results table.


2. Group the results table by versions. This will group the produced and pre-produced documents such that they are next to each other on the table.


3. Create a csv export with the ‘Begin Bates’, ‘End Bates’, and ‘Produced From’ fields, along with other fields you are interested in. The ‘Produced From’ field can be found in the metadata section, and will provide the original control number for the pre-production counterpart of a produced document (which is the same as the ‘Begin Bates’ of the pre-produced document) . This makes it very easy to cross-reference documents.


The grouping also means that the export will be structured in such a way that a produced document and its pre-production counterpart will always be on the row right above or below each other.


Now you have the building blocks within Excel to customize your report as you see fit. Add in columns for specific notes or comments, as needed.

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