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In StoryBuilder, you can categorize documents using labels. These labels are attached to documents in StoryBuilder and are separate from codes and ratings applied to the documents during review. In Chronology, you can create and modify labels, filter your documents by label, and batch label documents in your Chronology.

Every label in StoryBuilder must belong to a category, some of which are included by default in the Chronology. There are four default categories: Events, Issues, People, and Outlines. This article will cover how to create new categories and labels that are not in the default, edit existing ones, remove them, and filter by them. 

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Creating categories and labels

If you want to add a new category, click on the gear icon in the upper left of the label panel to enter Edit Mode. Then click "New Category," and start typing. Click enter to add the new category, which will be arranged in alphabetical order. 


To create new labels within a category, click the "+ Add..." button under the respective category, then start typing the label name. Click enter to save the label. 


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Editing categories and labels

To edit a category or label, you must be in Edit Mode. Then, simply click the category or label and start typing a new name. Press "enter" to confirm, and the new category or label name will be rearranged by alphabetical order. You cannot have a duplicate label name within a given category (with Outlines being the exception, as there can be multiple Outlines with the same name).

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Removing categories and labels

To remove a category, go to Edit Mode by clicking the gear icon in the left of the label panel. Then click the "x" icon next to the category name. The Events, People, and Outlines categories cannot be deleted, as they are special categories. To remove a label, click the "x" next to the respective label you wish to delete. 

Note that when you delete a category or label, the labels will be removed from all documents to which they are applied. You will see a warning dialog before confirming deletion.


Once you are done making your modifications, click the green checkmark in the upper left to exit Edit Mode. 

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Applying labels to documents

You can add multiple labels to a document. Any instance of that document within StoryBuilder (in Chronology and Outlines) will have the labels applied. There are a variety of ways you can apply a label to a document in order to categorize it. 

The document entry in Chronology:  If there are no labels currently applied to the document, you will see a "+ Label" icon for each document entry. Click it and select a label from the dropdown menu. You can select multiple labels.

If there are labels already applied, click the green plus sign (+) to add a new label. To remove a label, click the "x" icon next to it.

Document preview:   You can preview a document by clicking the eye icon on the right side of the document entry. Here, you will see the first page of the document, and you can navigate through the document from the preview. On the right side, you can add labels by clicking the green plus sign (+), just as you would from the document entry row in Chronology. To remove a label, click the "x" icon next to it.

Batch add or remove:  You can batch add or remove labels to documents in the Chronology. By default, all documents are selected for batch labeling, as represented by the checkboxes on the left of each document entry. You can deselect the documents you do not want to be updated by clicking the checkbox for that entry.

To batch label, click the arrow at the bottom center of the screen to open the label drawer. You can also press the spacebar on your keyboard.

Here, you can batch apply a metadata date field, batch add/remove a label, or remove documents from the Chronology. To add a label, click it once. To remove a label, click the same label you added a second time. You can simultaneously add and remove labels within one batch action. Click apply to confirm your batch action.

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Filtering documents by labels

To filter your documents in the Chronology by label, select the checkboxes associated with labels in the label panel. You can add multiple labels to your filter - this will be equivalent to an "AND" search filter that will return entries only if they have all of the selected labels applied.

Clicking on a selected label a second time will change it to a "NOT" filter (it will return entries that do not have the particular label applied). Clicking on a 'not' filter will clear the filter for a given label. The counts to the right of each label will adjust to reflect the total number of documents in the filtered table that have a particular label applied.


Filters you have applied to your Chronology will be represented below the Chronology toolbar. You can clear individual filters by clicking the "x" icon next to the label, or click "Clear filters" to clear all of them.


In addition to filtering by label, you can filter by date and by term.


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