Adding/Removing Documents in Chronology

Adding documents to a Chronology

Documents can be batch added to a Chronology from the results table view or individually added from the review window.

To batch add documents to a Chronology:

  • Call up a results table of documents. By default, all documents are selected, but you can choose a smaller set using the checkboxes.
  • Click on the batch coding icon in the toolbar (or press the spacebar on your keyboard) to expand the batch coding panel.
  • Scroll down until you see the 'StoryBuilder' category. Select the Chronology(ies) that you want to add the document to.
  • Once you are done making your selections, click 'apply'.
  • A dialogue will appear asking you to specify which metadata date field you want to use for the associated entry(ies) in the Chronology. In the drop-down, you can see a list of available options. The 'no date' option will leave the date field empty in the entry(ies). The 'new date...' option will let you specify a uniform date value for all the entries. Following that are all the available date metadata fields that you can choose from. Selecting one of these fields will give each document entry the associated date value for the chosen field. If one of the selected document does not have a value for the chosen field, the Chronology entry for that document will not have a date value.
  • Click 'apply' when you are done.

To individually add documents to a Chronology:

  • Click on the Chronology icon in the review window toolbar
  • Select the desired Chronology from the list of available Chronologies and Outlines
  • In the dialogue that appears, you can optionally fill in the name, date, description, and relevance fields for the document's entry in the Chronology. If there are existing notes applied to the document, you are given the option to copy the content into the description or relevance fields. At the bottom, you can apply Chronology labels to the entry. 
  • When you are done, click 'add'.


Removing documents from Chronology

To remove individual documents from the Chronology, hover over the document's entry. A trash can will appear in the lower right of the entry. Clicking on the icon will remove the entry and the underlying document from the Chronology. A white overlay will appear over the removed entry with the option to undo the deletion. Once you exit or refresh the Chronology by clicking the refresh icon in the toolbar, the entry will disappear completely.

You can batch remove documents using the batch tool. First, select the entries of the documents you want to delete using the checkboxes. Then, click the batch icon in the toolbar (or spacebar on your keyboard), and select 'remove documents' on the panel.

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