Additional Chronology Functionality (batch update, export, etc.)

View document metadata

Sometimes you might want to review the metadata of the underlying documents in addition to the information displayed in the entries. If you want to display metadata in the entries, click on the metadata icon in the toolbar. If you want to edit the displayed fields, click the caret icon on the metadata icon, and select the desired fields in the dialogue that appears.

Batch labeling documents

Instead of applying labels entry-by-entry, you can take a batch action. First, select the entries you want to affect using the checkboxes in the upper left of each entry (by default, all entries in the table are selected). Then, click the batch icon in the toolbar (or the spacebar on your keyboard) to pull up the batch panel. To batch add labels, click on them once so that they are in the 'add' category. To batch remove labels, click on them twice so that they are in the 'remove' category. You can add and remove labels in a single batch action. You can also batch modify the date of the selected entries, or batch remove the entries from the chronology. Click 'apply' when you are finished making your selections.


Exporting a chronology

You can create a report of the chronology entries using the 'export' option on the toolbar. On the export dialogue, you can select the fields you want to include in your report. The export will be generated as a CSV that can be opened using a text editor or spreadsheet application. You can download the finished export from the homepage, under the 'Batches and Exports' column.                               



Chronology is meant to be used collaboratively, and multiple users can simultaneously view and edit the chronology. If there are other users in the chronology, corresponding user badges will appear in the upper right. You can hover over a badge to see the full user name or message the user.

                                If a user is editing an entry, the entry will have a color border that corresponds to the color of their user badge. You can also see the user's name in the lower left of the entry. You can still edit any entry that is being modified by another user, but you might want to wait until the other user has finished.



In order for users to access and modify a chronology, they must have the proper permissions. The initial 'Master Chronology' is shared with all admins in the case. Any additional chronologies will be private to the creator by default. To share a chronology, click on the share icon in the upper right. A dialogue will appear where you can choose who you want to share the chronology with, and what permission level the recipient(s) should have ('read', 'edit', or 'share and delete').


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