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Icons are used throughout Everlaw to ensure a clean design. This article provides an introduction to some of the most common icons on the site.


The three-dot menu icon

The three-dot menu icon, also called a hamburger menu, is visible in several places on Everlaw, including on the corners of homepage cards and upload and production cards.


Clicking on the icon will expand a menu that gives you several options for actions to take using the card. The menu varies slightly depending on the type of card. Additionally, users with different permissions levels on the case, or different permissions on an object, may see different menus on the same type of card.

For example, admins who have created an assignment and assigned themselves documents will see the following three-dot menu on their assignment card:


However, if you are a reviewer who received an assignment, your assignment card will not have a three-dot menu. Instead, it will have a review criteria icon:


Similarly, if you have created a binder, you will see the following three-dot menu on the binder card:


However, users who have been shared on the binder but have not been given share-and-delete permissions will see no three-dot menu icon at all.

For more information on the three-dot menu icon’s use on Everlaw, check out the Sharing, Uploads, and Production Cards articles.

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The share icon

The share icon is an open triangle composed of three dots. It’s visible from some three-dot menu icons, as well as the results table and review window. To learn more about sharing documents, binders, and other objects in Everlaw, check out the Sharing article.

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The pencil icon

The pencil icon is located in some three-dot menu icons, as well as the Case Settings page and Metadata tab of the full screen review window. This icon indicates an editable field. By clicking on it, you will be able to change the name of a homepage card, category or code, or user-editable metadata field.


Please note that the pencil icon may or may not appear for you in certain contexts depending on the permissions you have been granted on an object or the settings your administrator has created for the case.

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The gear icon

By clicking on the gear icon, you’ll be able to modify the settings of a particular page, such as the review window or Chronologies. For admins, the gear icon appears in several places under the Case Administration icon or on the Case Settings page, and directs you to such actions as editing the groups a user belongs to or turning on production tools.


Clicking the gear icon on a tab in the full screen review window allows you to edit which sections appear in that tab.


To add or edit Chronology events or labels, click on the gear icon on the left-hand sidebar.

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The StoryBuilder icon

The StoryBuilder icon is a reverse-S-shaped icon that appears in places such as the full screen review window toolbar. Clicking on it allows you to add the document currently being viewed to a Chronology or Outline.


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The download icon

You can download image/PDF, text, and native versions of individual documents from the results table or review window in Everlaw, depending on which document versions are available. You can read more about the download icon in the Exporting and Printing article.

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The eye icon

The eye icon serves two purposes on Everlaw. On the results table, it allows you to preview individual documents without opening them in the review window.


On the Metadata tab of the Case Settings page, the eye icon allows admins to select metadata fields that they would like to be hidden or visible to case reviewers.


Here, the Attachment Names, Author, and Custodian fields have been hidden.

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