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Document previews allow you to gain visibility into review work on a document without navigating away from the existing page. Generally, you can find previews throughout Everlaw by clicking the "eye" icon. 


Access preview

Anytime you create a search, a preview will display at the bottom of the screen. The top of the preview bar shows the text translation of your search, the total number of documents matching your search, and a button to expand the table to display the full set of results. The preview will update instantaneously with any changes made to your search. If the instant search preview is not populating, click outside the builder with your mouse, or press tab or enter on your keyboard.


The instant search preview also displays a random sample of up to 10 documents from your full set of results, along with various kinds of information about the documents. You can change the columns of information that appear in the instant search preview by clicking the green and red "+/-" icon in the far right of the table. This will bring up a dialog with a list of columns. Add or remove columns from the instant search preview by clicking on them; columns highlighted in yellow will appear in the table. 

You can additionally rearrange or resize columns in your instant search preview, by clicking and dragging the column headers or borders respectively. 


To preview the contents and metadata of a particular document, click on the appropriate eye icon in the far right column. This will open a preview of the document on the search page, without moving you to a results table.

In addition, you can preview documents from the Timeline, as well as from the document panel of Drafts and Depositions.

View document and review work, like notes, highlights, and redactions

In the document preview, you can view notes, highlights, and redactions. You can also add a highlight and/or a note directly from the search preview. You cannot add redactions; however, you can view and delete them. You can also add a note to a redaction as well.


Download the native version of the document

To download the native version of the document, click the icon to the left of the Bates number.  If there is no native for the document, no download will be available.


Note that if the document you are attempting to download was flagged as potentially malicious, then you will receive a warning message prior to your download. If you would like to proceed with download, click "continue" to proceed.


Share the document

To share the document with other users, click the share icon.


Add and view notes

You may add notes to the document from the preview and view the document's notes if any exist. To add and view notes, click the notes icon. If the notes icon has a yellow number, that indicates the number of existing notes. 


Review the document

To open the document in the review window, click the "Open for Review" button. This opens the review window and allows you to rate and code the document, as well as add it to binders. You can also view other documents that are contextually related to the document. 

View document metadata

You can also view metadata in the document preview.  Metadata is listed at the top of the document preview window. Click anywhere on the bar to open the drop down table and view all the document's metadata. 





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