Principal Changes of the December 8, 2017 Release

Australia release date: 12/15/2017

We are thrilled to announce a handful of changes that will improve your user experience in Everlaw! You can automatically view transcripts directly next to your audio and video files. Transcripts will give you a general sense of the content in your file. You can take notes, un-sync, and re-sync any portion of the transcript that you desire. In our Outlines tool, you can now bookmark pages. You can also bookmark multiple pages from the same document within a given Outline. If you have Uploader permission, you can now connect directly to cloud-based apps, like Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc. Rather than downloading files to your machine, you can access these apps directly within Everlaw. We also now support the ingestion of Google Vault files, and have increased the page cap on zip exports of individual PDFs to 500,000 pages. 


Audio Transcription:

You can now view a transcript, while listening to the audio of media files in the native view right next to it!  Transcripts will give you a general idea of the text that is included in the media file.

You can take notes on timestamps throughout the transcript and later navigate to that particular part of the transcript directly via the note. You can also access notes with timestamps from the results table. You will also be able to use custom hits to highlight text in your transcript.

All media files uploaded after this release will include transcripts. Note that transcripts provide a rough overview of the general content of your media files but do not produce exact results. Some files, like those with clear speech, will transcribe more effectively than others, like songs with lyrics. 

Here are more details on audio transcription. 


A quick note about existing media files: Existing Everlaw-processed media files (native uploads, with # control numbers) now include transcripts. Non-Everlaw processed media files (Bates stamped) will be automatically updated in the near future!  You can also reprocess any existing document manually. View this article here (native, Everlaw processed docs) and here (processed, not by Everlaw) for more details.


Bookmark pages in StoryBuilder Outlines:

You can easily bookmark a page of a document within a StoryBuilder Outline. You can also add multiple bookmarks from a single document to an outline. If you include that document in another outline, you can use different bookmarks there as well! In addition to bookmarks within Outlines, you can also view and add more bookmarks within the review window.


For more detail, please read our overview of StoryBuilder Outlines 


Ability to upload documents via cloud-based apps or direct links:  

Currently, many Uploaders must download files from their hard drive before uploading it to Everlaw. With this release, you’ll be able to upload directly from cloud-storage apps as well as copy-paste direct download links. When clicking “new upload” in the Uploads page, you can now access popular cloud-based storage apps - Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Office 365 SharePoint - with the click of a button. Simply log in to the app via a dialog box, and then select files for direct download. You can also copy-paste any download link with just a couple of clicks. If you can paste the URL into a browser for direct download, you can paste it into Everlaw!


For more information, check out this section of our Uploads article.


Google Vault support:

Everlaw’s upload tool can now support the ingestion of Google Vault files. For our complete list of accepted native data types, you can view the chart in our Uploads documentation.



As always, we’d love to hear about your experience with these new features, as well as your feedback overall! Please reach out to For direct product support, please email or call us at 1-844-EVERLAW during our business hours (6 AM - 6 PM Pacific, Monday-Friday).

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