Instructions for Uploading Google Vault Files

To read more about uploading documents on Everlaw, feel free to refer to the articles in our Uploads section.

For a more general overview of our uploads tool and how to configure your native data (other than Google Vault), please visit our native uploads article.

Google Vault is a Google legal hold tool that allows you to manage and export your Google data for discovery purposes. Everlaw supports the processing of Google Vault exports with overlaid metadata and custodian information. 

To prepare data for ingestion via Everlaw's upload tool, you will need to create exports that consist of the actual data files (in a series of zip files) as well as two Google-generated metadata files: one with custodian information and another with file metadata information. You should be able to download these files individually from Vault (ignore the checksum file).  

In order to successfully upload Google Vault data with a metadata overlay, you need to:

  • Download all the files, including the ones you want to upload and the custodian and metadata files
  • Combine all files into a single archive (such as zip) and then upload that zip. This is similar to the process for split archives and images

The components of your final zip file, which you will upload into Everlaw, will look something like this: 

  • EXPORT_NAME-custodian-docid.csv

  • EXPORT_NAME-metadata.xml



Note that the Vault files ("") must have their original filenames as downloaded from Google Vault. 

You can then upload this final zip file into Everlaw’s native processing tool as normal.


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