Principal Changes of the January 5, 2018 Release


US Release Date: 5 January 2018

AU/EU Release Date (Expected): 12 January 2018

Happy New Year! Here at Everlaw, we’re ringing in the new year by bringing you a few major features to improve your 2018. From the power to create your own databases to the ability to migrate review work to your produced documents, you have more control over your Everlaw workflow than ever before. Read on to learn more!


Organization Administrators

Users with contracts covering unlimited database creation may soon forget what Everlaw Support looks like with the rollout of the organization administrator role. Organization admins can create new databases, upload processed data, rename and suspend projects, track project sizes, and much more without needing to contact Everlaw Support. Please see our help articles for more information on what you can do as an organization admin.

This video is a brief overview of the organization admin dashboard and functionality: 

To find out whether your contract qualifies you for organization admin access, please contact your account or sales representative.


Review Work Migration

No more needing to look back at your pre-produced documents to remember how they were coded! You now have the option to copy over your review work, from notes and highlights to ratings and codes, whenever you produce your documents. Note that any migrated review work will never appear on documents that are downloaded from the production card or sent via shareable link; your team’s review work is for your eyes only! For more information on review work migration, please see this section of our help article on running productions.


More Power For Our Users

We’ve added a number of new features allowing you to have more power over your projects than ever before.  

  • [Uploaders] Document deletion: Now, any user with uploader privileges can delete documents from projects and databases. Simply pull up your documents in a results table, navigate to the Batch icon, and select Delete from the menu. Read more about document deletion in our documentation.




  • [Administrators] Production protocols: You can now sort your documents for production by multiple metadata fields. Otherwise, your documents will be sorted by file path, keeping family members together. You can also format the date metadata field for your produced documents to adhere to regional or other specifications. For more information on production protocols, please see our help article.



  • Coding categories in the results table: You can now add columns to your results table corresponding to individual coding categories. Each category will be displayed in its own row, under the header Category Columns in the column selection dialog.



Results Table Toolbar Makeover

You’ll notice that the results table toolbar looks a bit different. No need to worry, though, because all your normal tools (and more) are there! For an overview of the Results Table toolbar, please see our help articles.

expanded_export_icon.png       batch_menu.png

Transcription for Processed Media

Last month we released our audio transcription feature for natively uploaded media files. With this release, all processed media files will be automatically transcribed upon upload, and any previously uploaded processed media will be retroactively transcribed, as well. For more information on audio transcription, please see our help article.


As always, we’d love to hear about your experience with these new features, as well as your feedback overall! Please reach out to For direct product support, please email or call us at 1-844-EVERLAW during our business hours (6 AM - 6 PM Pacific, Monday-Friday).

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