Organization Admin: Common Processed Data Errors

This article covers organization admin functionalities, which are available to certain users with contracts covering unlimited database creation. 

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This article will go over some common errors that you may encounter uploading or modifying your documents via the organization admin page. If you would like the general documentation on uploading processed documents, please consult our article

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    • Overlaps loadfile documentoverlaps_loadfile_document.png
    • In this case, the loadfile contains documents that overlap with each other, loadfile-internally. You will need to rename the overlapping files for the upload to work.
    • Overlaps existing document
    • In this case, the loadfile contains documents that overlap with documents that are already on the platform. You may need to perform a modification upload instead.
    • Modification error: Extension of end Bates number overlaps existing document
    • This error occurs when you change the Bates numbering of documents through a modify, causing the documents to overlap with documents already on the platform. You will need to change the name of some documents, or consider switching the overlapping documents to a page separator system. Click “Try a different loadfile” and navigate to the fixed loadfile once you have corrected the error.

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Page number difference

    • Error preparing "/ENRON001/IMAGES/ENRON0002.pdf": ENRON0002 is 2 pages, but "/uploads/IMAGES.pdf" had 1 pages.pages_wrong.png
    • This means that the number of pages provided in the loadfile is different than the number of pages present in the PDF that you have pointed the system to. This could mean that you have single-page PDFs, all images for the same document, which Everlaw does not support. They will need to be combined into PDFs or converted into image format. Once you have converted the documents, you can click “Rescan or change folders” to point the uploader to the correct place.

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Uploader at incorrect stage

    • Error [defining special columns on 2017/10/16 ENRON006. Upload stage is AnalyzeMetadata instead of DefineSpecialColumnsUploader_Stage_Error.png
    • This is an error that happens when the frontend has not caught up with the stage of the upload. The page will show that you are on one step of the upload, but the uploader recognizes it’s actually on the next stage. To get your webpage to catch up, just refresh the page. Note that if you have many uploads running at the same time, it will interrupt them and you will need to redirect the uploader to the correct files. Fortunately, they will resume uploading from the same document. If you would like to avoid having to restart running uploads, then you can just open the uploader in a new page and the upload stage should be correct.

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Timeout on read error

  • Error uploading files. Timeout on Read"timeout.png
  • "Client closed connection unexpectedly"client_shutdown.png

Both of these errors mean that the upload has stopped, either because of an internal issue or an interruption in internet connection. To resume the upload, simply select “Upload Files.” You may have to reselect the folders.

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Error normalizing loadfile

    • Error normalizing loadfile. While parsing row 3, expected 47 columns, but found 49 (using separator: ^T (0x14) encapsulator: þ escaped: false).error_norm_loadfile_-_column.png
    • This error occurs when the loadfile is malformed. It can happen one of two ways: when there are more columns in a line than expected (as in the screenshot) or when there are fewer. The former happens when there is an extra separator character present in a line and the latter when there are too few, or missing quote characters. To fix this, manipulate the loadfile at the row selected to remove extraneous separators or add them back in where required.


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Encountered non-separator

    • Erroneous new line characters in loadfile: “Error normalizing loadfile. While parsing row 321, encountered non-separator after closing encapsulator (using separator: ^T (0x14) encapsulator: þ escaped: false).”escaped_character.png
    • This is another error that reflects a malformed loadfile. Go to the row that the loadfile has identified and make sure that all separator characters are formatted correctly and consistently. Then, hit “Normalize Loadfile.”

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Multiple native files

    • Multiple native files, duplicate named xmultiple_native_files.png
    • When there are multiple files with the same name as a document present in the native path, the system cannot determine which to upload as the native file. This commonly happens when you point to a native directory that also contains the image files, when both are .pdfs. To deal with this, you want to reorganize the files if necessary and then select “Rescan or change folders.”

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Conflicts with a previous image

    • Image conflicts with a previous image for # pageconflicts_with_a_previous_image.png
    • This occurs when multiple images were provided for the same document page. You can remove the extraneous files and upload them separately under another name if necessary.

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Error modifying - document in flight

    • Error verifying modifications: “Not yet published by upload”not_yet_published.png
    • This error means that the document with the begin Bates on the left that you are trying to modify is not yet uploaded, but is still in progress. This can happen when an upload is in an error state. You will have to find the upload that the document was originally present in, complete it or remove the errored documents from the original, and then retry the upload documents stage.

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Error unable to rewrite PDF

    • Error preparing "/ReplacementFiles/images/#812088.1.pdf": Unable to rewrite pdferror_rewriting.jpg
    • This generally means the file is corrupt (i.e. doesn’t conform to the PDF spec).

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Error timeout rewriting PDF

  • Error preparing "/ENRON000001/pdfs/ENRON001.pdf": Timeout rewriting pdftimeoutrewritingpdf2.png
  • This means the file took too long to fix in a reasonable time. This can sometimes be fixed offline.

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“No image reader” error

  • Error preparing “/images/0143/ENRON2341273.tif": No image reader for /mnt/uploads/1098/30907/02/8156/0235/1.tifimage_reader_error_REDACTED.jpg
  • This error means that the uploader could not read the image file. For example, this may include documents that have a size of 0 kb.

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Error finding file or directory

  • Failed to upload [filename]: Frontend error: NotFoundError: A requested file or directory could not be found at the time an operation was processed.
  • This typically occurs when the user is uploading from a network that the uploader tool cannot access. It can be avoided by uploading directly from the user's computer/local drive, instead of the network.
  • This can also occur when the file path character limit has been surpassed. The limit is 255 characters from the first number of the IP address to the last letter of the file path. The solution is to change the file name or path so that it contains fewer characters. Then, retry the upload.

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