October 13, 2023 Release: Product Certification, improved export options, and more!


Expected US Release: October 13, 2023

Expected International Release: October 20, 2023

Expected Federal Release: October 27, 2023


This release brings improvements to data connectors, productions, and more. We’re also excited to launch our Product Certification Program to our community of users - read on for more details! If you would like to learn more about the features in this release, join us for a live training session.

Introducing the Everlaw Product Certification Program

Everlaw is excited to release its new certification program to our entire community of users. Announced this week at Everlaw Summit, the Everlaw Product Certification Program is designed to help legal professionals of all levels of technical expertise learn new skills and validate existing expertise. 

Select from 7 role-based offerings to tailor your learning and credential product expertise over time. Each track offers self-guided learning experiences and in-platform assessment methods to ensure that you can develop the workflow mastery to leverage Everlaw to the fullest extent, enable your organization, and become the go-to Everlaw expert.

Access Everlaw Certification using Everlaw credentials 

With this release, you can access Everlaw’s Certification portal using your Everlaw platform credentials through single sign-on. From any page of the platform, simply select the question mark icon in the upper right navigation menu to open the Help dialog. 

From this dialog, selecting “Everlaw Certification'' will redirect you to Everlaw Certification. You will be prompted to create a password to access this account, should you lose Everlaw access in the future. 

To learn more about the certification program, please visit this overview or reach out to certification@everlaw.com


"Produced To" and "Family Date" included in the default load file for exports

The Everlaw smart fields “Produced To” and “Family Date” will now be included in the default load file when exporting documents as a ZIP. This default will also apply to full project exports. 

Note that if the load file for an imported set of documents contains “Produced To” or “Family Date” values, these values will be treated as separate metadata fields and will not be used to populate the Everlaw smart fields equivalents. For example, if you upload a document with a “Produced to” value of “ABC001” and produce it again with the value “BCD001”, the Everlaw smart field of “Produced to” will be “BCD001” and the metadata field of “Produce to” will continue to be “ABC001”. 

Learn more about exporting projects to ZIP.


Update email rethreading after editing threading metadata settings 

You can now update email threading after making email threading metadata changes. Within the Metadata tab of Project Settings, you can edit Database metadata settings, including the fields underlying threading. Next to the email threading option, you can then select “Update” to rethread your document corpus to reflect any changes. This action will be disabled if threading is currently ongoing. 

Note that only project administrators or organization administrators can make these updates. Also note that the “Reindex” option across additional database metadata settings has been renamed to “Update.” 


Learn more about email threading.


Double click to select a word in Review Window

When the text selector tool is active in the Review Window, you can now double click on a word in a document to select it. This will open the highlight and redaction popover menu, allowing you to easily take action on the selected text. 

Learn more about highlights and redactions.

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