Principal Changes of the September 10, 2014 Release

Note: These release notes may not reflect current Everlaw functionality, as product updates may have changed certain features since these notes were published. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for support articles on current functionality. 

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1. New Help Interface

Help Interface

We realize that wading through our comprehensive online help takes time. Thus, we've redesigned the help experience to answer your most common questions more directly, with step-by-step videos. Instead of bringing up the help manual, clicking on the help icon brings up on a friendly screen with videos describing your current page's most common actions.

You can use the Search function to find other videos, or click on "View All Help" to bring up the help manual.

At the top of the help interface are three prominent ways to contact us: by phone, email, and Everlaw message. We encourage you to reach out to us any time you're having trouble or are curious about a new feature! As always, site support requests are completely free.

2. Improved Interface for Conflicting Documents

Conflicts UI

Our recently-released Reviewer Accuracy feature, accessible to admins via the Case Analytics page, has received its first update! We've replaced the document conflicts table with a clearer interface that gives you the key statistics at a glance. Clicking on any one card or user will bring you to the familiar results table interface, from which you can investigate the conflicting documents. As always, feedback is welcome.

3. Recent Case Activity

Case History

First, we've moved the live user activity chart to the Case Analytics page, under the "Activity" tab.

Then, we added the ability to view major events in your case's history: when codes and categories were created, users were added or removed from the case, uploads occurred, users were promoted between various groups, and users logged in and out. You can page through the history or download it all at once.

4. Contents Search Improvements

We've tweaked several of the behaviors of contents searches to give you more power when searching.

First, we no longer filter out stopwords (extremely common words); we now index every word in the document, so searching for exact phrases like "feed their cats" will no longer return documents that contain, e.g. "feed these cats". Your exact phrases search results should get more precise as a result.

Also, you can now search for more special characters in context: you can search for numerical percents, e.g. "100%", without returning documents with just "100" in them, and you can search for words with "&" in them, e.g. "AT&T". These improvements are the direct result of user feedback, so if you are having trouble searching for unusual values, please let us know!

5. Faster Image Loading

We've added some back-end optimizations to reduce the time it takes for your browser to fetch a page image. This should help when you're quickly flipping through pages of a long document.


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