Principal Changes of the 7/13/2012 Release

This release adds improved analytics for case administrators and a new look throughout the site. If you are a case administrator, visit the case's admin page to access the new analytics features.

The vertical sidebar allows you to select from one of many useful built-in reports, providing visualizations that allow you to monitor several useful metrics at a glance. The built-in reports display statistics on progress, time, and pace for both the entire project and for individual reviewers.

The screenshots below give you a glimpse of the visualizations provided by the built-in reports

For those times when you want to view a statistic not covered by one of our built-in reports, you can make your own custom report using our Custom Visualization tool. It allows you to select the metrics you want to compare, the users you want to look at, and the relevant time frame, allowing you to create the precise visualization you're looking for.


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