Principal Changes of the March 5, 2012 Release

Note: These release notes may not reflect current Everlaw functionality, as product updates may have changed certain features since these notes were published. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for support articles on current functionality. 
This is a very large release that adds your recent and favorite reviews to the home page, batch pdf and tag actions to a sleeker review table, the ability to search through notes and tags, as well as many UI improvements throughout the site. Tags are now viewable in the standard review table.
1. Upgraded home page
  • In addition to a new design, you now have the ability to see and access your recent and favorite reviews.
  • You can favorite reviews by clicking the star icon in the "Recent Reviews" menu or from the results table. These reviews will remain in the "Favorite Reviews" menu for easy access until you remove them.
  • The tags menu has the same functionality with a cleaner look. To review the documents in a tag, click on the tag name.
2. Review Table
  • It is now easier to begin and resume reviews. Start a new review by performing a new search or clicking on a tag in the home page. Resume a review at your most recent document by clicking on it in the Recent or Favorite Reviews tables.
  • The review table action bar lets you: rename a review for later reference; refresh its results to reflect recent changes; refine its underlying search by changing or adding new parameters; jump to the current doc you're reviewing in the table; perform batch actions; and mark the review as a favorite.
  • New columns in the review table: the Pages column indicates how many pages are in each document; the Tags column displays all the tags that have been applied to each document; the Viewed By column displays every user that has viewed each document. These columns are hidden by default and can be added by right-clicking the table header bar.
  • "Batch Tag" and "Export to PDF" have been added to the batch actions dialog.
3. Improved Search
  • An improved search returns your results faster.
  • You can now search through notes and tags.
4. Tagging from the Review Window
A new tagging interface allows you to view a document's existing tags and assign new tags more efficiently.
  • The new tag icon in the menu bar pops up the new interface.
  • You can search for and add tags by typing any string of characters in the tag name into the search bar, and using the mouse or arrow keys to select a tag.
  • Create a new tag by typing in a new name.
  • The tagging window, like the coding pane, can be dragged and resized to fit your screen.
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