Preview a Document

The document preview gives you quick access to the document without needing to open the review window.  You can perform a variety of actions on the preview page - add notes, share a document, view metadata, and more.

To preview a document from the results table, click the eye icon on the far right column.  This will open up the document preview, and an image version of the document will be displayed. To close the document preview, click the "Close" button in the top right corner of the preview window or hit the Esc key on your keyboard.


There are a variety of other actions that you can take directly from the preview’s toolbar: 

Download the native version of the document

To download the native version of the document, click the icon to the left of the Bates number.  If there is no native for the document, no download will be available.

Share the document

To share the document with other users, click the share icon.

Add and view notes

You may add notes to the document from the preview and view the document's notes if any exist. To add and view notes, click the notes icon. The icon also indicates the number of existing notes, if there are any.

Go to the review window

To open the document in the review window, click the "Open for Review" button. This opens the review window and allows you to rate and code the document, as well as add it to binders. You can also view other documents that are contextually related to the document.  For a complete overview of the review window, click here.

View document metadata

You can also view metadata in the document preview.  Metadata is listed at the top of the document preview window. Click anywhere on the bar to open the drop down table and view all the document's metadata. 

You can also view the document’s metadata in “floating mode” by selecting the icon in the top right hand corner.  The metadata will then appear a separate window.


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