Saving Document Changes

The review status of documents can be changed from the results table or the review window.

Saving Batch Changes from the Results Table

If you are performing a batch action from the results table, the changes will be applied and saved automatically once the batch action task completes. You can monitor, pause, or abort a batch action from the homepage, under the “Batches & Exports” column. Each discrete task will be represented in a separate card.

Undoing Batch Changes from the Results Table

If you want to undo a batch action, find the task card associated with the action under the “Batches & Exports” column on the homepage. Then, click the undo option in the lower left. A task will start to undo the batch action, and the associated task card will be added to the “Batches & Exports” column on the homepage.


Saving Changes Made to Individual Documents from the Review Window

Rating, coding, bindering, and other review-related changes to documents are saved automatically once you move to another document from within the review window, select a new document from the results table to open in the review window, or close the review window itself.

If you move to a new document, a green pop-up notification will appear to let you know that changes to the previous document have been saved. The pop-up will remain visible for a few seconds before disappearing.

You cannot “undo” coding changes made in the review window once changes have been saved. Instead, you would need to manually apply and remove codes to update a document’s review status. If you have not moved on to a new document, or have not closed the review window, you are able to undo review-related changes by clicking on the “undo” icon in the expanded coding panel. This will restore the document to the state it was at when you first opened it.


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