User Activity


Live user activity tracking can be found in the case analytics page, under the "user activity" category. The actions displayed include: searching for documents, opening and viewing documents, and any labels or notes applied to any document. A user will have a green band on top of their associated card if they are currently active, a yellow band if they have been inactive for 2 minutes, and a red band if they have been inactive for 5 minutes.

You may click on any document or search result in a user's activity list to open the document or search results in the results table. Notice that all activity within a particular document are colored with the same color; the color only changes when a user navigates to a new document to visually separate documents.

You may directly message a user from the user dashboard. Click on the envelope icon to open the message dialog.


You can review a user's review history by visiting the "Historic" page under "User Activity". Once there, search for the user for whom you would like to see information for. Once a user is selected, you can also narrow down the date range for the data you would like to see.


If you want to see a history of administrative actions taken in the case, you can do so by visiting the "Admin" page under "User Activity".


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