Accessing Cards and Compact View

Favoriting and Filtering Cards

To curate cards that are of interest to you, you can favorite any card by clicking on the star icon. The card will now appear in the favorites column on the far left of the homepage. If you do not have any favorited cards, the favorites column will be hidden from view.

You can also filter cards by keyword. Simply type into the "filter cards" box, and only cards matching your inputted string will appear, across the columns. Alternatively, if you want to filter within a column, first expand the column by clicking on the column header, then type into the text box.

Compact View

The Everlaw homepage features a Compact View that allows you to view only favorited and recently active items on your homepage. To switch from a full view with all your items to Compact View, use the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the homepage.

In Compact View, old and non-favorited cards are hidden, leaving only favorited cards and cards with recent activity. Recently active cards are ones that are less than a day old, recently created by you, or recently shared with you (since your last login). These cards will appear in Compact View, even if they are not favorited.

Hiding Cards in Compact View

To hide recent cards, click the “sweep unfavorited cards” button next to the “Filter cards” text box. Unfavorited cards will be hidden. To hide a favorited card, simply unfavorite it, and it will automatically disappear from view. Note that once you sweep compact view, you cannot get your previous swept cards back within compact view. However, from that point forward, new recent cards will show up in compact view.




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