Random Sampling

You can choose to see only a randomly sampled subset of your full search results for any given search. Toggle the sample search option, found at the bottom of the terms table on the search page. A new box will appear under the query builder where you can specify a percentage of the full result set you would like to see.

Some Use Cases for Sampling Results

  • Triaging Review: Let’s say you receive documents from a custodian. There are thousands of documents from this particular custodian, and you are not completely sure whether or not you should devote review resources to go through the documents. You can use the sample feature to take a randomly-sampled subset of the documents from the custodian set, say 10%. If a review of the sampled documents show that only 5% of the sample is relevant, you probably can direct resources elsewhere. If, instead, a review of the sample documents show that 60% of the sample is relevant, you might want to devote resources to reviewing documents from the custodian.
  • Training the predictive coding engine: Training the prediction engine with randomly sampled subsets of documents may help improve the precision and recall of the generated predictions. To learn more about predictive coding, click here.
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