Principal Changes of the January 26, 2015 Release

Note: These release notes may not reflect current Everlaw functionality, as product updates may have changed certain features since these notes were published. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for support articles on current functionality. 

That's right: January gets two releases!

1. Complete Site Redesign and New Home Page

We’ve completely overhauled the look and feel of Everlaw. You’ll notice lots of visual changes across the entire site, big and small, from new iconography to fluid animations, but the biggest changes were reserved for the home page.

The home page is the center of your ediscovery work desk. We redesigned and reorganized it to be clearer, more actionable, and easier on the eye. Everything is organized into columns—past searches, binders, StoryBuilder outlines, production uploads, and batch action and export results—and each column will bubble up the items that you access most frequently. You can quickly favorite any item by clicking on its star icon, which will also add that item to a dedicated favorites column, making it easy to jump right back into review by accessing your favorite items.

2. Tags became Binders

One of the things you’ll notice right on the new home page is that we’ve renamed Tags to Binders. We’ve made this change to better reflect how you’ve been using Binders: as ways to organize collections of documents for yourself and for others. Despite the name change, the functionality remains the same; you can gather documents into Binders from the review window or batch coding panel, and you can share your Binders with others as you see fit.

3. Code As Previous

This new feature was added based on your feedback. In the review window, it lets you choose a source for a particular combination of ratings and codes, then quickly apply that combination to the document at hand with a single press of the letter P key. You’ll find Code As Previous alongside your coding presets, and you can use the same preset editing mechanism to change the settings for this function. Code as previous means different things to different people, and we did our best to accommodate the various uses, so please watch the help video above to learn about the settings you can control.

4. New Batch Coding Panel

We’ve redesigned the batch coding panel to mirror the look and functionality of the one you use for single documents in the review window. This new batch coding panel is familiar and still powerful, offering all of the options you’ve come to expect from the prior coding panel.

5. Improved Message Center

As with the other design changes, we improved the message center to maximize clarity and speed. Now you can send, retrieve, and read messages more easily, with dedicated filters to show only those you’ve sent or received, in addition to those you’ve favorited or haven’t yet read.



In addition to the various functionality improvements, we've also improved usability for touch devices, like tablets and touch-screen laptops, as well has high-resolution displays, so enjoy crisper fonts and icons!

Also, please note that it will take us some time to update all of our help screenshots and videos to reflect the new user interface; please bear with us as we make those updates.

As always, we welcome your feedback, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about the new design.

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