Principal Changes of the March 6, 2014 Release

Note: These release notes may not reflect current Everlaw functionality, as product updates may have changed certain features since these notes were published. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for support articles on current functionality. 

This release includes a new context panel to give you a one-stop look at a document's duplicates, attachments and related emails. It also includes a new option to batch export document text, natives, and images.

1. Context Panel

You can now view a document in context during review. Our new context panel shows you duplicates, attachments, and email threads. The panel shows all the related documents in a concise format. Simply click on a related document to display it in your review window.

You can review any of the related documents just as you would the original, and a special "Apply To Selected" button enables you to apply the same actions to all (or any selection) of the documents in a context at the same time. Finally, the "inclusive email" feature of the email thread view reduces your review workload by highlighting only the emails you need to read to review an entire thread.

We've put a lot of thought into this feature and would love to hear your feedback!

2. Full Document Export

You can now batch export document images, text, and natives with a single click via the batch coding dialog in the results table. The tool will export all the requested data into a single ZIP file that you can download from the tasks table on your home page at your convenience.

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