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Sometimes you may want to search across a range of metadata field values instead of a specific value. Range queries allow you to find documents whose field values are between a specified lower and upper bound.  

Date Ranges

All date fields will have a range option. You can specify an inclusive range, or lower and upper bounds. The search below is an inclusive range search. This means that all documents with a date field value between 4/3/2010 and 7/24/2010, including the endpoints of 4/3/2010 and 7/24/2010, will be returned.

You can also specify an upper or lower bound by leaving one of the date containers empty. For example, the query below will return documents with date field values on or after 4/3/2010.

Conversely, the query below will return documents with field values on or before 4/3/2010.

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Text Ranges

You can also search across a range of text by adding “TO” (in all uppercase) between a lower bound word and an upper bound word. The example query below will return all documents whose custodian field value is alphabetically between Craig and Nick, inclusive.

If you want to create an exclusive range search (one that excludes the lower and upper bounds, in this case “Craig” and “Nick”), envelop your search in curly brackets, as in the example below:

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Finding all values within a metadata field

To find documents with any value for a selected text metadata field, first select (No Value) for that field from the dropdown menu. This creates a search for any document without a metadata value for that particular field.

The next step is to exclude those documents that meet the current search criteria, which in this case is (No Value). To negate your search for (No Value), click the metadata term, which will change the color band from green to red adding a "NOT" to the search term. Your search will return documents with any/all values for the selected text metadata field. 


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