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The instant search preview

The instant search preview will pop-up from the bottom of the search page once a valid search term and value is added to the query builder. If the instant search preview is not populating, click outside the builder with your mouse, or press tab or enter on your keyboard. The information and documents displayed in the preview will update instantaneously with any change made to the query.


The top of the preview bar shows a natural language translation of your query, as well as the total number of documents matching your query.


The instant search preview displays a sample of up to 10 documents from your full set of results, along with various kinds of information about the documents. To preview the contents and metadata of a particular document, click on the appropriate eye icon in the far right column.

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Changing the displayed document information in the results table

By default, the following fields are visible on the results table: Bates/Control #, Pages, Ratings, Codes, and Notes. To add or remove columns of information, click on the green and red "+/-" icon at the far right of the table. A dialog will appear that lets you select what information the table should display. Columns highlighted in yellow will appear in the table; any column with a white background will not. Preferences associated with the table are unique to you, meaning that you can set up your table exactly as you like without affecting others on your team.


For a full list of columns, please see this article

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Rearranging preview results

Besides adding and removing columns, you can also rearrange them within the table. To rearrange the order of the columns, click and hold the column header you wish to move. The mouse cursor will change to an icon with the name of the column you are moving. You can then drag the column to your desired location. Your table settings will be saved and are user-specific; they will not impact the tables in the accounts of your team members. 


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Resizing columns

If you would like to resize the columns in the table, hover your mouse over the border between two column headers. Wait for the resize icon (double arrows) to appear. Then, click and drag the column to your desired width and let go. The table will adjust the width of all columns accordingly.



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