Navigation and Document Scrolling

Navigating from page-to-page

To navigate between pages in a multi-page document, use the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard or click on the large blue paddles to the left and right of the document.

If you know exactly which page you want to navigate to, use the page input option on top of the hit-highlighting panel.


Using the jump bar in the text view

If you are in the text view of the document, you can use the jump bar to navigate from page-to-page. As you run your cursor along the length of the jump bar, the corresponding page for that location is displayed. Clicking on the location will take you to that page. In addition, if there are hit-highlights in the document you are viewing, the jump bar will display a color band at the appropriate page location of the highlight. The band’s color will correspond to the highlight color of the term or phrase in the hit-highlighting panel. This can help you quickly visualize where certain hit-highlights are located.


Navigating from document-to-document

To navigate between documents in a document set, use the up and down arrow keys on  your keyboard or click on the small orange paddles to the lower left and right of the document.


Moving in the document

If you want to move within a document, hold shift while using your keyboard arrow keys.




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