Important migration issues for projects that started on Everlaw before October 30, 2015

Because of the interaction between Chronology and Outlines, the introduction of Chronology might affect some aspects of your workflow on Everlaw. The potential effects are summarized below:

  • Outlines now have to be associated with a Chronology. This means that, moving forward, only users with the proper permissions on the Chronology for the project will not be able to create new StoryBuilder Outlines. Please contact us if this is an issue for you.
  • For the migration, if you already have edit access to an Outline in your project, you will also be given edit access to the associated Chronology. As a result, you should not be losing edit access to any Outlines you currently have that level of permission for. If this is not the case, please contact us for help.
  • With this release we’ve eliminated the argument/deposition distinction for Outlines. All arguments and depositions will now be referred to as Outlines on the homepage and when sharing. Within an Outline you can still toggle the formatting between outline (formerly argument style) and question (formerly deposition style) mode.
  • In Outlines, we’ve updated the document list to reflect the relationship between Outlines and Chronology. Clicking a document card in the document list or in the body of the outline will overly an editing panel for the selected document on top of the document list panel. On the editing panel you can rename the document, add description and relevancy annotations and Chronology labels, and/or add the document to another outline. Note that there will be only a single title, description and relevancy text, and set of labels for each document per Chronology—regardless of how many outlines it is associated with. Any change you make to a document in an outline will be reflected in its parent Chronology and and all of its outlines.
  • When adding documents to an Outline or Chronology from the review window, a pop-up panel will appear where you can add or edit the name, date, annotation of description and relevance, and Chronology labels for the document. This information is reflected in the Chronology entry for the document and in any associated Outline; the review status of the document is not changed. By necessity, a document can only be added to an Outline once it has been added to the Chronology.
  • For all existing projects in Everlaw, all the outlines associated with the project will be automatically added to the Master Chronology.
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