Default Assignment Review Criteria

The default assignment review criteria is the criteria that reviewers must satisfy in order for a document to be considered reviewed within assignments. Review criteria can also be established at the assignment group-level, via the assignment group admin dashboard. The assignment review criteria set here will be applied to all assignments across a project, with the exception of those assignment groups that already have a custom review criteria. To set an assignment review criteria, click the “review criteria” button. The default review criteria is “any rating”, meaning if a document is rated, it is considered reviewed.

To change the criteria, navigate to the General tab in the Project Settings page. Click on the blue Review Criteria button.


A query builder will pop up where you can add your desired combination of labels. Just like on the search page, you can negate a term by clicking on it, switch the logical operator by double clicking, and nest logical operators within each other.


Changing the default assignment review criteria will not override any assignment specific review criteria that was changed from the previous default.

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