Principal Changes of the May 13, 2016 Release

Note: These release notes may not reflect current Everlaw functionality, as product updates may have changed certain features since these notes were published. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for support articles on current functionality. 

Our third release of the year is another great one, but it’s a particularly big deal for our friends Down Under.  Our Australian users are receiving not only the same enhancements to predictive coding and case management that we’re releasing today in the US, but they’re also getting caught up on some improvements we’ve made in the last two US releases.

For both the US and Australia, we’ve made a couple notable improvements with this release:

1) Narrow predictive coding training to the work of particular people

The output of predictive coding is only as reliable as the input.  One way to get higher-quality input is to make sure the system only pays attention to the views of true experts on what’s relevant, and what’s not.  If you have experts on your team, you can now identify them in the predictive coding model creation wizard.  The resulting model will only consider the rating and coding decisions made by the experts, to the exclusion of all others. For more information on predictive coding, visit our help center.

2) Turn on case-wide two-factor authentication and production mode

Some Everlaw features are first released internally to make sure we have a good handle on how they’d be used in practice.  Two such features are case-wide two-factor authentication and production mode. We’ve been able to turn on case-wide two-factor authentication for you, but now we’re putting those controls into your hands.  You’ll find the setting in the Users tab of the Case Settings area.  You can learn more about two-factor authentication in our help center.

This release also exposes production mode to users.  Turning on production mode activates the redaction tools in the review window, and gives you access to the production code wizard. Using the code wizard, you can configure standard coding fields for production-oriented review.  You can find the production mode toggle in the Review tab of the Case Settings area. Learn more about production mode in our help center.

3) Support for Australian Doc IDs

This release also includes something we’ve designed just for Australian users: support for searching Australian-standard Doc IDs.  You can enter them directly in the Bates field on the search page, with support for searching ranges and multiple non-contiguous Doc IDs, as well. Visit our search help for more information.

**Our Australian users will also notice the following improvements:**

  • Features of the 4/22/2016 US release: Highlights - Break apart compound documents, search by highlight color, more easily distinguish grouped and children documents, print single page of document, maintain zoom level when navigating review window


We’re very excited to be bringing the US and AU versions of Everlaw into alignment.  No matter where you are, please let us know what you think at!

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