Internal Use Cases for StoryBuilder Outline

 For a complete overview of Outlines in Everlaw, please see the Outlines help section.

StoryBuilder Outline is a flexible tool suitable for many different use cases. Below, we describe three ways to use Outline to manage internal team needs such as training and strategy alignment. You can also download a case study on how StoryBuilder was used by the plaintiff firms on the GM ignition switch litigation at the bottom of the page.


Creating a Review Protocol

Review protocols are crucial for training review teams. A good review protocol gives reviewers crucial context about a case, and provides clear instructions on how to code documents, what codes mean, and how to address questions that might arise during review.

StoryBuilder Outline makes review protocols easy to create, maintain, and share:

  • The sharing and versioning functionality allows you to share your review protocol with ease, and ensures that everyone on your team is accessing the most up-to-date version of the protocol.
  • The automatic versioning system also allows you to make your review protocol a living document that evolves as review, and the case, progresses.
  • StoryBuilder’s tight integration with Everlaw’s review functionality allows you to do things like attach exemplar documents to illustrate key claims and to demonstrate how to code documents.
  • The ability to collapse, expand, and zoom into sub-sections allows reviewers to quickly navigate to the parts of the protocol they want to read, and to focus only on the relevant sections.

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Annotated Coding Training

You may want to provide more specific instructions on how to review a particular set of documents, or what kind of information to look for during review. These instructions might be too detailed to include in the review protocol. Using Outline, you can create standalone, annotated training sheets targeted to a segment of your reviewers, or to a particular set of documents needing review.

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Strategy Alignment

Your strategy on a case may evolve as review and pre-trial motions progress. Using Outline, you can create living documents that help clarify current case strategy, which you can then share out with all, or a segment, of your team. This Outline can also include key documents discovered during review, and explain how they substantiate claims in the case. This will help align reviewers and case leads with the overall case strategy, leading to a more productive and engaged review team

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Download link for GM ignition switch litigation case study below

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