Principal Changes of the August 26, 2016 Release

Note: These release notes may not reflect current Everlaw functionality, as product updates may have changed certain features since these notes were published. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for support articles on current functionality. 

In this release, we introduce search term reports: a new feature that helps admins better explore the documents in the database, which allows for a faster way to assess and assign their team’s workload.  In addition, we are bringing you a handful of improvements to make your user experience better.

Search Term Reports

Using search term reports, admins can explore the documents in your database, perform early case assessment, or triage review. A search term report allows you to run multiple searches simultaneously. High level information about the number of documents that hit on any of the searches within a search term report is provided.

Search term reports allow you to define your searchable set and add multiple search terms.  You can then assess how many documents match your search and/or any one of the other searches in the search term report.  This allows you to easily understand your database, determine the size of your team, and evaluate the appropriate volume of documents to assign. To learn more, read our help article or watch the video below. 

Email threading has attachments

You can now see attachments when looking at email threads during document review and in the results table.  This allows you to get a truer sense of the components of the email thread and makes it much easier to review families of documents!  You can review the entire email thread and its attachments, and code them simultaneously within the context panel of the review window.  This will make review faster and more efficient for you by removing extra steps in your workflow!


Search for credit card patterns

When creating custom highlights and persistent highlights you can now select “credit card numbers” as one of the default search terms.  This is an efficient way to search for information that can be hard to find.  For more on custom highlights, click here.


New and improved case settings, analytics interfaces

Your case settings and analytics pages look better than ever!  The updated interface makes it easier and more intuitive to add users, set up a coding sheet, and view case analytics.  All tabs are now located on a sidebar to the left of the case settings and analytics page.


Use a shortcut to duplicate a search term

In the search interface, you can now use keyboard shortcut “d” to duplicate the search term you just applied.  It’s a simple way to search across multiple terms within the same search term category!

Search by “has format”

The current search term “has native” will now be relabeled as “has format.”  The new search term has been expanded and enhanced to encompass a variety of different formats: native, image, text, pdf.  You can now search by any of these formats by selecting “has format” then choosing one of the four options from the dropdown menu.  With a more granular way to find and filter documents, you can better refine your search set and speed up your review.

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