Bookmarking Documents in Outlines

For a complete overview of Outlines in Everlaw, please see the Outlines help section.

Bookmarks are a helpful tool within Outlines that allow you to create references at the page level. You can create bookmarks to draw attention to the most important parts of any multi-page document in your Outline. In order to create a bookmark, your document must have more than one page, and it must be a document reference. In other words, the document must be included in the text body of the Outline itself, and not only included in the right side document panel. 

To add a bookmark, you first need to add a document from the Outline panel into the text body of the Outline, creating a document reference. Then, click the document reference within the Outline body. Document references are indicated by a blue color in the document panel on the right. You can reference a document multiple times within an Outline, and each reference can have a unique set of bookmarks.


Preview the document by clicking the eye icon. There are two ways to apply a bookmark. One way is to click the + sign under Bookmarks in the right side panel of the preview page. The second way is to hover over the top right corner of the document. A bookmark will appear, and you can click it to apply to that page. Bookmarks can only be added to documents that have already been referenced within an Outline.


Any bookmarks applied to the referenced document will show up in the bookmark explorer in the right-hand preview sidebar. You can navigate to a bookmark by clicking the page number in the panel. If you are currently viewing a bookmarked page, clicking the bookmark in the top right corner or clicking the blue bookmark icon in the bookmark explorer will un-bookmark the page.


In your Outline, document references with a bookmark are indicated by the bookmark icon. Click on the document to see more information about it, and the bookmarks, in the right side panel.


Each document reference can have a unique set of bookmarks, even if the document references come from the same original document. For example, let’s say you’ve referenced a document in one section of an Outline and added bookmarks to it. If you reference that same document again somewhere else in the Outline, there will be no bookmarks associated with it. Any bookmarks you add to the second document reference will not affect the bookmarks on the previous document reference.

In the bookmark explorer within the preview, you can view bookmarks that are part of other document references, in addition to the bookmarks on the reference you're currently viewing.


To remove a bookmark, highlight it by clicking it in the bookmark panel then click it a second time. You can also hover over the bookmark icon on the top right of the page and click it to remove it. 

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