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You can use Project Analytics to track your project's progress, both on an overall and per-reviewer level. To access Project Analytics, click the Administration icon in the navigation bar in the top right of your screen. If Project Analytics is greyed out, it means you do not have proper permissions.

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Review Progress

The Review Progress page charts the documents viewed and documents rated over the lifetime of the project (for projects that were in Everlaw before analytics was released, the review progress chart begins on that date - 7/13/2012). You may hover your mouse over the graph to see any week since the project was created - the tooltip will show you how many new documents were viewed that week, and how many documents were rated. These two parameters are both cumulative. In other words, over time, the amount of documents that have been rated and viewed should rise, as review activity progresses on your project. (Note that there may not be a one-to-one correspondence between documents that have been viewed and those that have been rated. For example, some documents may have been viewed but not given a rating. Additionally, it is possible to rate documents without viewing them, through batch actions.)

This graph is similar to the Overview Tab, except you are able to see the entire history of the project. You may add or remove parameters, or series, to the graph by clicking the appropriate checkbox in the legend. The checkbox next to the legend title selects or deselects all the series. If only some of the data is selected, the checkbox will appear gray, but is still clickable and will add all the data to the graph.

You may hover over one of the series in the legend to emphasize that parameter in the graph by bringing it into the foreground.


To see the data a little more clearly, click on the Y-axis of the graph. The graph will resize to display the documents as a percent instead of absolute number; this provides a better view of the data. For example, if you have reviewed 4.1% of the documents on your project and viewed 8.4% of the documents, the Y-axis will resize and display units from 0-10%. This will make the current percentage and historical progression of viewed and rated documents easier to visualize. Click on the Y-axis again to return the axis labels to an absolute number. The image below shows a graph that has been resized by clicking on the Y-axis.



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Review Time

Review time shows the total review time for each reviewer as a percentage of the overall review time. You can hover over any area in the pie chart to see the total time spent in the system by a reviewer, as well as what percentage of the total time the user's time represents. This number takes into account the time spent reviewing in either the review window or quick review mode in the results table.

If a reviewer has spent ten minutes on the review window without taking any review actions, such as highlighting text or adding a code, then Everlaw will stop tracking review time for that page and reviewer. Any review actions taken in the review window will reset the ten minute threshold. Scrolling within the review window to read a document does not constitute a review action. 


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Reviewer Pace

The Reviewer Pace scatter plot graphs the number of documents viewed over the lifetime of the project. You can select users' data to appear in the graph by selecting them in the User key. If there are overlapping lines, hovering over one of the users in the key will emphasize that user's data by bringing the user's line into the foreground.

Under the graph is a bar that allows you to set which time period you would like to view. You can also toggle between weeks and months to narrow down or expand the time frame you wish to see.


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