Principal Changes of the March 23, 2018 Release

US Release: March 23, 2018

AUS, EU & CAN Release: March 30, 2018 (expected)

Our latest release includes features designed to streamline your login experience, improve metadata processing, and provide you with a smoother introduction to Everlaw functionality. Read on to find out more!

Single sign-on (SSO)

Organization administrators can now enable single sign-on (SSO) for all users in their organizations. This will allow users to log in via their existing directory service (e.g., GSuite, Active Directory, LDAP) and prevent them from having to maintain separate login information for Everlaw.

If SSO is enabled for your organization, but not required, you will be able to choose between logging in with an Everlaw password and logging in via your identity provider. Below is an image of a login screen for a user whose organization has SSO enabled. If SSO is required for your organization, you will need to log in via your identity provider, and our system will not maintain a separate Everlaw password.


To read more about SSO and how to enable the feature, see our Single Sign-On help article.

Metadata processing for multilayered email families

With this release, we’ve changed our approach to embedded emails (emails attached to other emails). Now, native embedded emails uploaded to Everlaw will have Parent ID and Family metadata values that clearly link them to the emails that contain them. Previously, embedded emails were processed into separate families when uploaded onto Everlaw.

For more information on email review in Everlaw, see our email review FAQ article.

Updates to administrative workflows

“Add Users” button

There is now a single Add Users button on the Case Settings page, which will allow you to add both individual and multiple users. To read more about adding users, see our Adding and Removing Users help article.


Password generator upon production

When creating a new production, you can now add a randomly generated password in the Additional Options step. This will be the password for your encrypted ZIP file. To read more about creating productions, see our Productions help section.


In-platform feature walkthroughs (only US, AUS, and CAN)

You may notice a widget that says “Walk Me Through” at the bottom of your screen with this release.


You can click this widget to open a menu of interactive walkthroughs for various features on Everlaw. These walkthroughs provide step-by-step guidance as you complete different tasks on Everlaw, such as adding new users, running productions, and exporting documents.


The walkthroughs available in the menu will depend on which page you’re viewing in Everlaw, but all walkthroughs are available when you are on the homepage. Please feel free to submit feedback about the walkthroughs via the Walkthrough Feedback survey in the menu.

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