Principal Changes of the August 10, 2018 Release

Expected US release: 8/10/2018

Expected AUS/CAN/EU release: 8/17/2018


It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference, and you could say the same about the features in the latest Everlaw release! Focusing on the little things, we have improved the usability and functionality of the results table, search, productions, and native uploads tool. Let’s dig a bit deeper into some detailed improvements that will improve your workflow across the platform.


Include redacted documents in your privilege logs

Production protocols sometimes require the inclusion of redacted documents in the privilege log. You can now choose to include redacted documents when formatting your privilege log, regardless of whether you’ve withheld documents in your production. This option is represented as a small checkbox during the Privilege Log step.Privilege-log-redactions.gif


Check out this article for more information on including redacted documents in your privilege logs.


Searching by user group

Have you ever wondered which documents have been coded by reviewers or what emails have been annotated by administrators? With this release, you’re now able to search for actions taken by members of any user group on your project, in addition to individual users.


Read our article on searching review work for more information.

Removing parent documents

We recently released an updated set of document grouping options, accessible from both the search page and the results table. When you choose to remove parents from your document groups, we expect that you do not intend to assign, modify, or review these parent documents but that you’d like to see them for context. Now, batch actions or exports conducted on results tables will not affect or include any removed parents. The parent documents will not have a checkbox present in that row. Additionally, removed parent documents will be greyed out for easier identification and interpretation from the results table.


Read our article on grouped documents for more information.


[Uploaders] Google Vault integration

Along with the existing cloud storage options, you can now upload your data directly from Google Vault. Once your reports have been generated by Google Vault, Everlaw will load them directly into your project without the need for prior download or compression.



Read our article on uploading native data for more information on uploading your documents via Google Vault.


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