Principal Changes of the September 9, 2018 Release

Expected US release: 9/7/2018

Expected AUS/CAN/EU release: 9/14/2018


We never stop thinking about how to improve the customer experience on Everlaw. From improving tools that impact review, to improving visibility and access to user information—this release has you covered! Please take a moment to review the improvements. We’re confident they’ll improve your workflow across the platform.


Text selector highlighting in review window

Prior to this release, highlighting in the review window could be performed using the click-and-drag tool. Now, in addition to our existing functionality, you can use the text selector tool to highlight lines of text.


For more on highlighter tools, visit this help article.


Support for migrating spreadsheet redactions between databases

The export feature on Everlaw allows you to easily download and transfer documents and review work between databases, as well as download copies of entire databases. With this release, you can also transfer information about spreadsheet redactions between databases.

To take advantage of this functionality, export the relevant documents from the first database as a ZIP, and upload them to the second database. Then, export a CSV from the first database that includes the documents’ Begin Bates and Notes columns. Change the values of the Begin Bates column to reflect the documents’ Bates or control numbers on the second database, and import the CSV on the second database’s Case Settings page.


Automatic visibility of aliased fields

Previously when you created a metadata alias field, Everlaw would automatically hide all underlying metadata fields. Now, creating a metadata alias field will leave the underlying fields unhidden and searchable, with the option to hide and unhide all underlying fields in the Alias section. If the name of a metadata alias is the same as a metadata field, the metadata field will continue to be hidden by default.


For more on aliases, visit this help article.

[Organization administrator] Export user list

Organization administrators can now easily download a user and/or project list as a CSV. This workflow accommodates organization administrators who would like to contact users outside of Everlaw for off-platform communication. You will now see an export icon to the right of both headers, Projects and Organization Members, which you can click to export the entire list to CSV.

For more on organization administrator functionality, visit our suite of associated help articles. 

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