Batch Redactions


Batch redactions allow you to redact terms and phrases from all selected documents. Please note that, as with individual redactions, only documents with PDFs and embedded text can be batch redacted.

To perform a batch redaction, first open a results table of the documents you would like to redact. You can do this by running a search for the documents, or by opening the documents from a homepage card.


Once you have your results table open, select which documents you would like to redact using the checkboxes on the left side of each document’s row. By default, all the documents in your results table are selected, but you can select and deselect documents by clicking the checkboxes in the document’s row. Please note that batch redactions are run on refreshed search results, even if you have not refreshed your search. This means that all selected documents will be redacted, as well as any documents that fit your search criteria but are not displayed in the results table. To display all documents to be redacted, click the Refresh icon in the results table toolbar.


Once you have opened the documents you would like to batch redact, click the Batch icon in the results table toolbar and then choose Redact.


In the batch redaction panel, enter or select which terms to redact. You can click on the textbox under “Redact a term” to see a dropdown of persistent highlight categories, as well as individual persistent highlights.


If you select a persistent highlights category, you can expand the name of the category to view the underlying persistent highlights.


To redact a new term or phrase, simply type it into the textbox and hit Enter. You can run and redact simple keyword searches, as well as advanced content searches. For example, to redact any instance of the word “California” or the word “Oakland,” you can run a boolean search for “california OR oakland.”  


You can also run and redact advanced content searches. For example, you could redact all strings in which the words “summary” and “report” appear within five words of each other. This would redact “summary” and “report,” as well as any (five or fewer) words that appear between them.


You can see a preview of the text to be redacted under “Live hits” in the batch redaction panel. These live hits are generated from the text of the selected documents in your results table and you can use them to QA your intended redactions. Please note that only 30 terms will generate live hits, although all terms with hits will be redacted.

You can also see the number of documents that will be affected by the batch redaction per term (Documents column) and overall (to the right of Configure).

Once you have entered the terms or phrases you would like to redact, click Configure in the top right corner of the batch redaction panel.   


This will open a dialog box that lists the terms or phrases to be redacted, and gives options for adding redaction stamps and notes.

If you choose to apply a redaction stamp, all redactions in the batch action will receive the same stamp. If you choose to apply a note during the batch redaction, the same note will appear on all redacted documents. This note will be an attorney note, appearing at the document level, rather than a redaction note linked to the particular redaction. One note is added per redacted document, rather than one note per redaction.

Once you have configured your batch redaction, click Apply. This will start a batch action that can be monitored from the homepage under Batches & Exports. Please note that if you have chosen to redact a large number of documents (e.g., all documents in your project), the task may take many hours to complete. Once your batch redaction has completed, its batch action card will tell you whether the batch redaction was completed successfully. A batch redaction may be partially successful, in which case its card will have a red alert in the bottom right corner. Click on the red alert for details.


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