Principal Changes of the November 30, 2018 Release

Expected US Release Date: November 30, 2018

Expected CAN/AUS/EU Release Date: December 7, 2018


This release features improvements to two important features: productions and uploads. With productions, you now have greater sharing functionality and transparency, in addition to customization for Bates page numbers. With uploads, you can now upload folders directly from third-party cloud applications, without the need to create a ZIP file first. We also now support Microsoft Project Management and Primavera files. Read on for more details!


Production Improvements

Access logs and increased sharing security:

By clicking the three-dot menu icon of the productions card, you can now view an access log of your shared productions and external downloads. This makes it easy to see exactly who has accessed the production.


You can also now share productions via email through the platform. For increased security, you can also require the recipients to log in via an email-verified account to access the production. You can still share productions and their components using shareable links. However, you can now set custom expiration dates for your links and renew links if they've expired. Additionally, new links are generated each time you share a production or its components, allowing you to set different link expiration dates for different recipients.


For more information about sharing productions, visit this article. 

Customize page numbering in productions:

If you choose to include page numbers in your Bates stamps, you can now choose whether to include page numbers on the first page of your produced documents. Additionally, you can now choose to separate your page numbers using a period, dash, or underscore. This allows for more flexibility and customization in your productions.



Uploads Improvements

Upload unzipped folders and files from third-party cloud applications:

With this release, you can upload files and folders exactly as they appear in your cloud storage source, without needing to compress them into a ZIP folder. Everlaw’s uploader tool integrates with the following third-party cloud storage apps: Box, Drive, Google Vault, Dropbox, OneDrive, and SharePoint. If you are uploading documents via OneDrive or SharePoint, you will need to specify whether you are uploading files or folders. This is because OneDrive and SharePoint have separate interfaces for selecting files and folders.

For more information on uploading via cloud storage applications, please visit this article.

Ingest project management files:

We also now support file import and processing for Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera data. With this release, Everlaw now supports the following data types:

  • Microsoft Project (mpp)
  • Microsoft Project Exchange (mpx)
  • Microsoft Project Data Interchange Format (mspdi)
  • Primavera XML for P3 & P6
  • Primavera P6 XER
  • Primavera Self-Extracting Archive for P3 & P6 (PRX)

For a full list of accepted native data types, please visit this article.

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