Enable Foreign Language Translation

How do I turn on translation and search for languages?

Project administrators are able to turn on the translation tool for the project:

  • Go to Project Settings, accessible through the gear icon in the upper right of the navigation bar

  • Select “General”

  • Select “Language Tools” on the sidebar.

By default, machine translation is disabled. To toggle it on, click on the button that says “Disabled” under “Machine Translation.” It will say “Enabled” and turn blue once it is on.

Everlaw uses Google’s enterprise translation API for generating translations. Google does not permanently store any data in relation to its enterprise translation services. For more about Google’s data confidentiality policies, please go to their FAQ, and scroll down to the “Data Confidentiality” section.

In order to search for non-English languages, type the name of one of the 53 supported languages into the bar underneath “Expected Languages.” This will populate the “Language” search term with your expected languages and allow the system to search for documents in those languages.

Everlaw's translation search capability performs best with documents that contain long sections of contiguous text that are in the same language. For example, if you have a document that is nearly completely in English with a handful of Spanish words interspersed throughout, the system will have a more difficult time picking up on the non-English content than if the document had entire paragraphs in Spanish.

Everlaw supports 53 languages, listed below:

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