Translating Foreign Language Documents

How do I translate a document?

You can translate a document in the review window. First, make sure that you have added the Languages tab to your panel. If you don't, select Edit Layout and drag the tab (or click it) to add it into your panel. You cannot view both highlights and translations on a document at the same time. Make sure you click the languages tab (or press "t" on your keyboard) to activate the tab to see languages or translate. 

If foreign text is detected within a document, and if that language is included as an expected language, the foreign language will be highlighted. 

The top of the language panel will display the languages found within the document, as well as a number corresponding to the discrete passages containing the respective language. Click the left and right arrows to outline a given foreign-language passage in the document in bold. You can also highlight a portion of the document by clicking and dragging with your mouse, and the English translation will appear in the "...or select text to translate" box. 


If you are in the text view, you can auto translate the entire document. Click Auto Translate to replace all of the detected foreign text with an English translation. To translate back to the original text, click the "Auto Translate" button again. 


If you are trying to translate a spreadsheet, you should navigate to the text view, as translation is not supported in full screen spreadsheet view. 


Translating in classic review window

If foreign text is detected within a document, and if that language is included as an expected language, a "Languages" tab will appear under the text view. Clicking the tab will take you to the language panel.

Even if the "Languages" tab does not appear because there was no expected foreign language, you can still translate a document.  In the text view, click on the "translate text" icon in the toolbar.  You can then select any portion of text and receive instant translation. 


For information on translation ingestion, please refer to Translation Ingestion Workflow and Best Practices

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