Creating People Profiles in Chronology

The People label is a default label category. This category is useful for documenting details related to people involved in your case. The format is fairly flexible, so you can apply this functionality in a variety of ways. Perhaps you need to keep tabs on individuals involved on your side or the opposing side of a deposition. You may also want to identify how some people involved in your case are professionally connected to other people. People profiles do not need to be users on Everlaw and can be arbitrarily created and added as labels to documents.

Adding a new person

There are two ways to add a person profile: from the label panel or from the People icon in the Chronology toolbar. Although it's possible to create a profile from the label panel, you must go to the People icon in the toolbar to edit any details about that person. We recommend creating profiles from the toolbar. 


If you are adding your first profile in that Chronology, a dialog box will appear. Here, you can enter the person's name and click Submit. 


If you are adding a new person and there are existing profiles, you can click "+ New Person" in the left side panel and enter the person's name.


Profile details

Once you've submitted the person's name, you can fill out profile details. These include: 

  • Profile picture
  • Social links associated with the person (such as social media sites)
  • Organization
  • Email addresses
  • Notes
  • Associated Outlines

Profile picture: To add or edit a profile picture, click the default initials icon next to the person's name. Click Replace Image to upload an image. Once uploaded, you can resize and adjust the image. Click Save to save your profile picture changes.


Social links: In the same dialog box, you can also copy/paste social links, or any URL that you deem important to associate with the person. This can be useful for syncing professional details from sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Click Save to add the URL's to your profile. Everlaw will recognize the sites that the links are connected to and will represent them as hyperlinks underneath the profile's name and picture. 


Email addresses: You can add various email addresses associated with the person. Simply click the + sign under "Other email addresses" and type the email address. Then press "Enter" to submit. Your entry will be saved as a recently added email address, which you can re-add if you remove it in the current profile. 


Notes: Here, you can add notes about the person. Once you add the note, it will be automatically saved.

Outlines: You can associate the person with any Outlines associated with that Chronology. To add a new Outline, you must close out of the people profile dialog box and create them from the Chronology toolbar.

Job details

In addition to a person's profile, you can document their job history and associated details. You can add more than one job role per profile. Each job can represent a role, of which a person can have multiple at one organization. 

If there are no jobs currently added, click "Add New Job" on the person's profile page.


You can also add another job in the left side panel by clicking "+ New Job." If a job is already added to a profile, it will be displayed as a sub-header once you click the person's name in the left side panel. The sub-header displayed will either be the name of the job Role, or the name of the organization if the Role field is blank. 


With each job entry, you can specify the following details:

  • Role name
  • Date range of role
  • Organization
  • Email addresses associated with the person in that role
  • Associated people fields
    • Who the person reports or reported to
    • Who the person works or worked alongside
    • Who the person manages or managed

To include a role, organization, and email address, simply type text into the appropriate input box.


Associated people fields: With any of these fields, you can either type a new name or select a name from the dropdown. The dropdown includes a list of every person in your Chronology. It does not include any name that you've manually added in other associated people fields. 


Deleting jobs and profiles

To delete a job, make sure the correct job is selected in the left side panel (listed as sub-headers under the profile you've selected). Click the trash can in the top right corner and confirm deletion.

There are two ways to delete a person profile entirely: from the label panel and from the people profiles dialog. You can learn more about deleting labels from the label panel in this article.

To remove from the people profiles dialog, click the user's name and click the trash can in the top right corner. A confirmation dialog will appear. Note that if the People label is applied to any documents in that Chronology, it will be removed upon deletion. 


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