March 15, 2019: Review window updates, new data visualizations, and more

US Release Date: March 15, 2019

Expected CAN/AUS/EU Release Date: March 22, 2019

This month, we’re excited to release updates to our most frequently used feature--the review window! We’re also introducing new enhancements to both Data Visualizer and search! Read on for more information.

New Features:


Review Window Display Updates

With this release, pages will load faster than ever in the PDF view of the review window. In fact, many will load in less than an eighth of a second! Additionally, we have enhanced review window performance for complex documents (e.g., CAD files) and long documents.


To further increase the speed and ease of review, it is now possible to scroll continuously through entire documents in both the PDF and Image views. No need to click “Next Page” to read multi-page documents anymore!

Alongside this update, review window keyboard shortcuts have changed to improve your experience. In particular, navigating between documents is now achievable with the keyboard shortcuts “shift+up/down” (to go to the previous and next documents, respectively). The up/down arrows alone will now scroll you through the document you’re viewing!

As always, you can see a list of up-to-date keyboard shortcuts by pressing the question mark on your keyboard (shift+/).

See this article and video to learn more about the review window.

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Visualize Billable Size and Number of Pages in Data Visualizer

Organizing and prioritizing documents is key to an efficient workflow. Everlaw’s Data Visualizer provides an interactive and graphical representation of the data in your project. With this release, both the billable size and number of pages of your documents can now be visualized and filtered on. Both visualizations can be found under the Document section of Data Visualizer.


This release also makes Data Visualizer easier to use. After analyzing use patterns, we’ve reordered the visualizations so the most popular dimensions are listed first in the sidebar, for easy and convenient access. To quickly find a different visualization, you can use the new search filter to help you quickly find the visualization you need.

See this article and video for more information about Data Visualizer.

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Billable Size Search Term

Not only can you now visualize the billable size of your data, you can also search on it from the search page.


The Billable Size search term can be found within the Document section of the search page.


See this article and video for more information about searching on Everlaw.

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Support for Discord Chat Ingestion

We have also added provisional support for ingesting Discord chat exports into Everlaw. Please contact Everlaw Support ( if you have Discord chat data you would like to upload. 

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Keyboard Shortcut for Unitization Break Points

When unitizing a document in the review window, you can now use the keyboard shortcut “shift+u” to create a breakpoint in your document. As a reminder, you can also activate and hide the unitization tool by pressing “u” on your keyboard. This improvement makes the tedious task of unitizing documents a bit faster and easier!


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