List of Results Table and Export Columns

On Everlaw, you can choose which information to display about your documents in both the results table and your document exports. Below is a list of all such fields, as well as where you can find them. 

Column title Description CSV Export Viewable in Results Table
Admin Rating Most recent rating applied by a project admin  YES  YES
Bates/Control # Begin Bates/control # of document  YES  YES
Billable Size (KB) Billable size of the document  YES  YES
Binders Associated binders  YES  YES
Categories List of applied categories


Codes List of applied codes  NO YES 
Conflict: New Rater Name of user who applied New Rating  YES  YES 
Conflict: New Rating Current rating YES   YES 
Conflict: Prev Rating Time The time at which Previous Rating was applied or confirmed YES   YES 
Conflict: Previous Rater Name of user who applied or confirmed Previous Rating YES   YES 
Conflict: Previous Rating Rating prior to New Rating YES   YES 
Conflict: Type New Rater-Previous Rater user types (i.e., Admin-Admin, Admin-Reviewer, Reviewer-Reviewer) YES   YES 
End Bates Bates/Control # of document's final page YES   YES 
Holdout ID Predictive coding holdout set number YES   YES 
Languages Proportions of expected languages detected in document YES   YES 
Native Path File path of native document YES   YES 
Notes Applied notes  NO YES 
Annotation Detail Full note data (e.g., author, timestamp) YES    NO
Note Text Note text only YES    NO
Num Pages Number of pages in document YES   YES  
Processing/Production Flags Flags created during processing (e.g., Embedded File) and production (e.g., Redacted Document) YES   YES  
Produced To Bates number(s) of produced version(s) YES   YES  
Produced To Volume Production name(s) of produced version(s) YES   YES  
Rating Current rating YES   YES  
Row # Row number in results table YES* YES  
Type Document type (e.g., Email, Presentation) YES   YES  
Document Set Name of document set (for native, processed, or produced data) YES   YES  
Viewed By Name of users who have viewed the document YES   YES  
Everlaw Link Link to document in Everlaw YES    NO
Exported Codes List of applied codes that were selected for export YES    NO

*Exporting Row Number will only be an option if all documents in the results table are selected, and no documents have been removed from groupings.

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