May 3, 2019: SFTP downloads, faster document deletions, and more

This release includes the ability to download files through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), major speed improvements, and a new load file field option. Read on for more information!


SFTP download of tasks and productions

In addition to the ability to download through your internet browser, you are now able to download exports and productions directly from Amazon’s servers via third-party SFTP clients. You can find this option on any document export card or production.

SFTP is a more reliable connection that can be resumed if a download is interrupted, which makes it ideal for large downloads. To download via SFTP, you will need to have an SFTP application downloaded to your machine. The process requires a few additional steps compared to a direct download. Everlaw will provide you with a host, username, port, and private key which you can enter into your third-party SFTP client to connect to the Amazon SFTP service.


Each download is stored independently and each generated user has restricted access to ensure the security of your documents. The private key will expire one week after creation. If your download is interrupted after the key expires, you can generate a new key and resume the download.


To learn more, check out this help article.

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Faster document deletions

With this release, documents deleted from your database will now be removed from your projects significantly faster than before.

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“Family Range” production field

Some production protocols require a field identifying the Bates ranges of attachment families. When configuring your production, you are now able to add the Family Range field to your production’s load file. For each document, this field will display the Bates range from the document’s Begin Family value to its End Family value (i.e., the Begin Bates value of the family’s first document to the End Bates value of the family’s last document).


A produced document’s family range can be viewed in the review window Load File metadata.


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