July 26, 2019 Release: A4 paper size, contents search help, and more

With this release, Everlaw now supports processing to the A4 paper format! This is beneficial in non-North American countries that use a different standard paper size. We will also assist users in creating content searches when using the 'Find a term' feature.


A4 paper setting on processing

Everlaw now supports processing documents into A4 paper size, a common format in non-US countries. Upon processing and reprocessing under the “Advanced Settings” drop down, you can now select to process documents into Letter (8.5 in x 11 in) or A4 size (210 mm × 297 mm). You will also be able to set a default size by project under the “General” tab. New projects in the US and CA instances will default to Letter, while the AU, UK, and EU instances will default to A4.



Self-assign document default

If there is not designated batch size, the default self-assignment size will now be 200 documents or, if there are fewer than 200, the remaining documents in the assignment. Users will still be able to claim any number of documents if no batch size is set. Assignments with a predetermined batch size will continue to distribute only that number of documents.



Contents search helper

Now, when you are using the “Find a term” feature on the search page, there will be an option to convert your query directly into a Contents search across documents. 


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