August 23, 2019 Release: Search by Search Term Report, reactivate suspended projects, and more

Expected US and EU release: 23 August 2019

Expected CA, UK, AU release: 30 August 2019


We’re excited to release a handful of improvements to increase flexibility in your pre- and post-review workflows. In addition to those improvements, you can now upload HEIC files, and Organization Administrators can reactivate suspended projects without contacting support. 


Build searches by Search Term Report

You can now build searches using “Search Term Reports” as a criterion. This makes it easy to run and iteratively test multiple content and/or metadata searches at the same time to get hit counts on terms.   

You can also use Search Term Reports as inclusion criteria for creating predictive coding models, production protocols, and assignments. Additionally, search term reports can be set to automatically refresh daily with the option for a manual refresh, giving you access to updated results as new documents are added to the platform. 



Increased sorting speed in the results table

We’ve made some backend changes that improve sort speed and performance, which should improve your user experience in the results table for very large searches. Searches under 100k documents will see only a moderate improvement in speed, but searches of at least that size are more than twice as fast!

To learn more about sorting capabilities, visit this help article on the results table. 


Support of HEIC files

You can now ingest HEIC files, which is Apple’s newest default image format.

To see Everlaw’s complete list of accepted native data types, visit this list.


More custom date options in Chronology

When choosing a custom date, you can now choose to include time, down to the minute. You can also choose a less precise date, either “Month only” or “Year only.” This flexibility should allow you to more accurately represent dates for your documents. Furthermore, all date metadata in Chronology will now display time, if applicable.

You can also create Event labels with specific start and end times.


To learn more about document displays in Chronology, visit this help article


[Organization Administrators] Reactivate suspended projects

Organization administrators can now reactivate previously suspended projects without contacting Everlaw support, enabling greater autonomy in managing your various matters.  

You can learn more about project suspension and reactivation by visiting this help article.



Download size and expiration dates on export cards

Export cards on your homepage will now display the export’s file size. You can also see how many days are remaining before an export card will be removed from your homepage and its downloads, if any, will be discarded. 


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