October 18, 2019 Release: Highlights Search Term, Chat Metadata, and more

US Release Date: October 18, 2019

Expected CAN/AUS/EU Release Date: October 25, 2019

This release includes the new ability to pull metadata from chats, the option to search directly for highlights, and the unveiling of our user-friendly walkthrough that’ll make setting up your Predictive Coding models easier than ever. Read on for more information!

Chat metadata

We currently support processing various types of chat data (e.g. Slack and Google Hangouts) into a conversation format in PDF for easy review. We now also pull and display metadata fields for all currently supported chat formats! Chats processed from this release onward will have information about the chat contributors and start/end dates of the thread automatically displayed on the “Metadata” tab in your review window. 

Support of PTX files

We now support PTX files for processing! PTX is a common electronic transcript format.


To learn more about supported file formats, check out this help article.

Highlights search term added

Previously, in order to search for highlights on Everlaw, you had to search under Notes and select “highlights.” We’ve now separated Notes and Highlights so that you can search directly for highlights. Additionally, you can search for notes that are attached to highlights within this search term. 


You can find the Highlights search term in the Review section of search terms.


To learn more about the list of search terms available, click here.

Interactive Predictive Coding walkthrough

Perhaps you’ve considered using predictive coding but aren’t sure how to get started. You can now access an interactive walkthrough, which can be found by clicking the blue “Walk Me Through” widget at the bottom of the page, under the "Analytics" tab. This will guide you step-by-step on how to create a prediction model, so that leveraging machine learning in your review can be a more accessible process.


Can’t find the “Walk Me Through” widget? You might have it hidden on your project. Click the “?” icon in the navigation bar and toggle the walkthrough radio button to make it visible again! 

For a comprehensive beginner’s guide on how predictive coding works, check out this help article

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