February 21, 2020 Release: Improved metadata redaction, expanded live training, and more!

Expected US release: 21 February 2020

Expected AU, CA, EU, and UK release: 28 February 2020

We’re excited to introduce a robust workflow for redacting metadata. With our new single-click metadata redactions in the review window, batch metadata redactions, and Everlaw-generated metadata redaction suggestions, we’re making metadata redactions easier and faster than ever. 

We’ve also made significant improvements to the processed uploader, increased endorsement customization in productions, and increased the number of live training offerings.

Read on to find out more about what’s included in this release!


Streamlined Metadata Redactions

With this release, we’ve significantly simplified our metadata redaction workflow so that it doesn’t require any additional or manual set-up. Now, in the review window, simply toggle on the Redaction Tool to redact any metadata field with a single click. The redaction will now appear and behave just like a content redaction. You can click on the redaction to assign a stamp or add a note. 


In addition, when you redact something within a text body that matches up with a metadata text field, Everlaw may suggest redacting that metadata field as well. 


What’s more, you can now batch redact metadata fields from the results table. Simply elect a metadata field from the batch redaction panel and hit Configure to apply redactions to thousands of documents simultaneously! You can also select multiple metadata fields to redact at the same time. 


If you want to learn more about redacting documents, you can refer to this help article.

Increased number of live training offerings

Attending a free live training with the Everlaw team is now easier than ever. We have increased the number of standing training sessions so that at least one session is offered every weekday. 

Click on the “Schedule training” button in the Help Center, and you’ll be taken to the Everlaw User Training page. On this page you can view a description of all of the available training sessions and register for an upcoming session.


For your convenience, you can also directly access all available trainings with this link.

Stamp color and placement options in productions

You can now create production endorsements with red text, which can help you call attention to confidential or particularly sensitive documents. You can also create endorsements centered at the top or bottom of your produced document to better accommodate workflows like trial exhibit stamping.


Learn more about endorsement customization in productions in this article

[Organization Administrators] Processed Uploader Improvements 

Our processed uploader now accepts load files containing both new documents and modifications to existing documents simultaneously! In addition, Everlaw now automatically detects multiple datetime formats that are used in the same field, eliminating the manual step of merging the formats together. This will increase the accuracy of time and date metadata fields, while also simplifying your uploading workflow.

To learn more about processed uploads, you can refer to this link.

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