March 20, 2020 Release: Improvements to email fields in Data Visualizer, easier search sharing, and more!

Expected US release: 20 March 2020

Expected AU, CA, EU, and UK release: 27 March 2020

We’re excited to release improvements to Data Visualizer that make it even easier to get a high-level view of emails in your project, streamlined search sharing for better collaboration within Everlaw, and more! 

Read on for more information about the features included in this release.


Conversational Search enhancements extended to Data Visualizer

With our improvements to conversational search in our January 24 release, you can now easily search for email metadata in a variety of useful ways. In addition to search allowing more intuitive and powerful searching across contact names, domains, and email addresses, you can now access that same functionality from Data Visualizer. This will allow you to more easily narrow your searches to an exact set of documents. 

Domains, contact names, and emails will all be available and filterable within the data visualization tool. You will also see the new Parties and Recipients smart terms as options under the People heading. When applying a filter you can apply the “Any of” or “All of” and “and nothing else” restrictions. Read more about searching email metadata through this help article.


Grant view permissions when sharing searches

Now when you share searches that reference objects (for example, a binder, Search Term Report, or Deposition), you now have the option to automatically grant access to that object for the user at the same time. You’ll also be able to share objects with other users who also have view permissions even if you don’t have share permissions, because you both are able to see the objects already.


New Default Review Window Layout

Now when you open the full screen review window for the first time on a new project, you will automatically see a preloaded and improved window layout. You and your review team can begin coding and leveraging the full screen panel immediately without any setup, and you can easily access help from the panel. None of your already created views will change.



Export Row Numbers to CSV

We’ve also added another highly requested feature, row number export!  You can now include row numbers in a CSV export of your results table. To do so, simply select “Row #” from the dropdown in the dialog shown here.



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